HTML5 <blockquote> Tag


A block of quotation is marked up as follows:

Here is a quote from WWF's website:
<blockquote cite="">
WWF's ultimate goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

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Definition and Usage

The <blockquote> tag defines a block of quotation that is taken from another source.

Browsers usually renders the text from <blockquote> elements with paragraph breaks.

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5


Tips and Notes

Tip: Use the <q> element for shorter quotes that does not require paragraph breaks.

Note: The blockquote element should only be used for quotes from another source.


Attribute Value Description
cite URL Specifies the source of the quotation

Standard Attributes

The <blockquote> tag also supports the Standard Attributes in HTML5.

Event Attributes

The <blockquote> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML5.